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Sombrero Ranches has horses for rent. Whether it's one day or an entire season, we can accommodate all your rental horse riding needs. Rental horse riding or lease horses for hunting, fishing, packing, exploration, surveying, or just for pleasure.

OUTFITTERS, we have over 1800 horses in our herd to supply your needs for:

Summer Camps • Dude Ranches • Livery Stables
Church Groups • Hunting Camps

SUMMER DATES (May 10 - September 17):

Horse Rental & Leasing Summer Season

Delivered and picked up within 200 miles of Sombrero's Craig or Longmont facility. Horses for rent during summer may extend the lease through November 20 on all or a portion of the horses for an additional fee. The lease extension is due and payable by October 5th.

NOTE: ALL SUMMER LEASES TERMINATE SEPTEMBER 17. Please call if other arrangements are necessary.
Sombrero offers a western stock saddle, one blanket, one pad, a halter with lead rope, and a bridle as a complete set of tack. $100/set

If horses are ordered shod, they will be delivered with shoes on. If shod upon delivery, $80 per horse ($100 per draft horse) will be added to lease. Lessee is responsible for keeping the horses shod and their feet in good condition.

Loads of 10 head of horses or more within 200 miles of Longmont or Craig will be delivered and picked up free of charge. Delivery of 1-9 horses will not be charged a delivery fee if the delivery is concurrent with an existing delivery to the same location. Otherwise, the delivery charge will be included in the contract. For exchanges during the lease agreement, the lessee will be charged mileage for delivery. After the initial distance of 200 miles, there will be a charge of $4 per loaded mile for tractor-trailer deliveries; and $4 per loaded mile for pickup truck-trailer deliveries.

Horses leaving Colorado will be charged an additional $50 per head to cover health and brand papers. Please let us know as soon as possible if horses will leave Colorado.

HORSE RENTAL RATES (Subject to change without notice) Per Horse
Summer horses (1-5 head) May 10 - September 17 $1300
Summer horses (6-9 head) - May 10 - September 17 $1250
Summer horses (10 & over) - May 10 - September 17 $1200
Summer horses kept through hunting season or up to 12 months $1600
Driving teams w/ harness (summer).
Winter rates on request.
Colorado Horses has available: Teams, Single and Multi-Hitch Horses
Saddles/tack (for lease term) $100 per set
Shoeing $80
Out of state - health and brand inspection $50
Short Term Rental (SUMMER SEASON)
1-3 days $200/day per horse picked up and returned at ranch
4-7 days (1 or 2) $525 per horse picked up and returned at ranch
4-7 days (3 or more horses) $425 per horse picked up and returned at ranch
8-21 days $525 per horse picked up and returned at ranch
All prices include tack
Delivery is available, please see Delivery for Short Trips (below)
All horses must be paid for prior to delivery.

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Sombrero Ranches will set a delivery fee based on total mileage, the number of horses delivered and days rented. This is based on the $4 per mile rate. Sombrero reserves the right to refuse horse rental and/or delivery for any reason we deem appropriate.

If horses are returned with bad wither sores, kidney sores, or damaged so as to be unusable for the rest of the summer season (ending September 17) and hunting season (ending November 20), the Lessee will be charged $600 for each injured or damaged horse. Nearly all back injuries occur from improper saddling and improper use of tack. Sombrero Ranches will remove horses with severe back sores from your herd without replacement if we feel it is in the best interest of the horse, as severe injuries will not repair/mend during the summer.

If the injury is permanent or the horse dies, the fair market value of the horse will be charged (currently
$1,800 per saddle horse or $2,000 per driving horse). Sombrero Ranches, Inc. reserves the right to remove horses at our discretion at any time during this contract due to neglect, misuse of the horses, or lack of timely payments.

Sombrero must be notified within two weeks of the horse delivery of any problems. Sombrero will then make arrangements to replace or correct any problems. After the two week period, replacement horses will only be on an "only if available" policy. Horses that die or become permanently injured after two weeks will be replaced under this policy also.

After completing a contract, Sombrero will select your horses for you and will call to make an appointment with you for you to come and view your selections, if you wish. At that time, you can switch horses that you may dislike. This appointment will be made approximately 2 days prior to delivery so plan your delivery and ranch visit accordingly. While at the ranch, the horses may be ridden by you and fitted with saddles, if so desired.

We have established the two following payment policies. It is at Sombrero's discretion which policy we use for each customer. All first year customers will be put on policy #2.

Policy #1- 1/3 due upon delivery, 1/3 due July 1st, 1/3 due August 1st (or as approved by Colorado Horses, Inc.)

Policy #2- 1/4 due with contract, 1/4 due upon delivery, 1/4 due July 1st, 1/4 due August 1st.

If your payments are not received by the fifth of the month (or five days from the due date), Sombrero Ranches reserves the right to, AND WILL, immediately remove the horses from Lessee's possession. All summer horse leases will be paid in full by August 1st. Sombrero will charge 1% interest per month on overdue or delinquent accounts.

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