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Colorado – Rocky Mountains a Gift from Nature

Colorado – Rocky Mountains a Gift from Nature

On the morrow the horizon was roofed with clouds a thick and unfathomable curtain connecting earth and sky, which unhappily extended as far as the Rocky Mountains. It was a fatality”, this is a famous quote by Jules Verne vindicating beauty of Rocky Mountains in Colorado.

Colorado is the only place where you explore the Rocky Mountain on trail rides and catch a glimpse of elk, deer or a coyote. It is both exciting and astonishing to explore both nature and wildlife; it is a place where you want to be as you crave for another trip.

The state is known for its “lively” landscape of mountains, plains, mesas, canyons and of course horse riding adventures. The state is equipped with four national parks, five national monuments and 41 state parks waiting to be explored by the vacationers. If the travelers are looking for a beautiful drive, Colorado is also home to 25 scenic and historic byways, noted for their distinct qualities.

The state is considered to be horse riding lovers’ paradise; the Rocky Mountains provide a perfect opportunity to horse riding adventure lovers. There are a number of beautiful stable locations in the state such as Allen spark, Estes Park, Glacier Campground, Grand Lake, Meeker, Snow Mountain Ranch, Moraine Campground and so on. There are private outfitters such as Sombrero Stables, offering family horse rides at attractive rental packages.

Travelers have a number of riding options at Sombrero Stables such as horse ride meals, breakfast rides, steak dinner rides, sleigh rides, wagon rides and horse riding adventures with “Sombrero Annual Horse Drive”. Estes Park Dinner and breakfast rides are very popular among travelers – the breakfast rides are offered at Estes Park and Snow Mountain Ranch. The morning trail ride at Sombrero takes the vacationers to the beautiful “outdoor dining area” where a piping hot breakfast is served. Delicious sausage fluffy pancakes, scrambled eggs, fresh orange juice, hot coffee and more being offered at these breakfast rides.

“Sombrero Annual Horse Drive” is a very popular horse riding adventure among vacationers. Horse riding lovers from all over the world usually gather annually in Colorado to enjoy and experience this unique and challenging event. The Sombrero horse drive has been a tradition for over 40 years, hundreds of horses thunder across 60 miles of open Colorado range. It is rightly said that “Colorado has one of the most unique and varied horse riding facilities in the entire nation.