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Sombrero Adventures | Horse Drive | Continental Divide

Sombrero Adventures | Horse Drive | Continental Divide

Sombrero activities involve different kind of adventures like Take Horse Drive, Horse Drive and Continental Divide. All these adventures are for every age group, young or old, males or females and for experienced or inexperienced riders. Sombrero makes all adventures full of excitement and fun with complete safety requisites.

Take Horse Drive:
You can participate in the authenticated horse drive of Colorado to feel the excitement and thrill of hundreds of horses participating in a race. You can also feel the row energy when horses create the thunder across the range. You can join other experienced riders in this event to have a unique experience of riding.

Horse Drive:
Horse ride is also one of the excitement events to join and have a great feel and joy of riding. This event is held in every year at summer time. This event is being successfully organized from the past 40 years and every year more and more riders register themselves to participate in it. If you want to be a part of this thrilling event then you should make a hurry to get registered as organizers give the preference to past riders who have already participated in it.

Continental Divide:
Continental Divide ride is especially for those who are enthusiastic and seeking for high energy adventure trip. This ride is a whole day ride as it covers the area from one continent to other which is around of 26 miles, passing through the Rocky Mountains.

Continental Divide ride is organized from 1st of August till 31st of August at rocky Glacier Mountain National Park which is very well known as “The roof of the world.” This park covers the area of 417 miles from Estes Park to Grand Lake passing through continental divide. Longs Peak is the highest mountain of the park; it is about 14,255 feet high.

A horseback ride is the best way to explore the beauty of Glacier Mountain National Park. You can feel the same pleasure and excitement of riding as the first settlers did years ago. You can feel the difference in vegetation with the changes in elevation during your ride. Join this great Continental Divide and explore the park to know more about our earth.