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Sombrero Blogs | Great American Horse Drive | Sombrero Stables Adventure

Sombrero Blogs | Great American Horse Drive | Sombrero Stables Adventure

Join ‘Great American Horse Drive’ – to make a lifelong memory of the excitement and the raw energy as hundreds of horses thunder across the range. The Sombrero horse drive has followed a tradition for over 40 years to create uniqueness by moving our herd each spring. Join some other riders in this unique experience of driving one of the largest horse herds in the state over 60 miles of open Colorado range.

Thrilling event of Great American Horse Drive is going to be held from 6th May to 11th May 2009 in Colorado.

Sombrero Stables provides various kinds of services to riders to make their trip full of adventure and excitement. Sombrero takes care of everyone’s excitement whether you’re young or old, male or female and an experience rider or new to horses – you can feel Sombrero Stables adventure with every minute of your trip.

Horse riding has always been the most existing approach for the trip of beautiful Mountains and amazing rocks. Sombrero understands its rider’s feelings and provides some excellent services to view beautiful locations around the hills and mountains.

You can feel the excitement and adventure of riding horseback in the most spectacular country you can imagine. Horseback riding is the most beautiful way to see the unexplored mountains and rocks. You can sense the feel of peace as you meander along the vast system of trails.

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Hurry up! Don’t miss this opportunity to participate in an authentic Colorado horse drive.