Customer Reviews

I have ridden at Sombrero stables for over 30 years,never had a dangerous or really difficult horse at any of the locations.Most times the horses are hard to beat for temperament and response,folks as wranglers or stable hands are courteous and pleasant.Hard to beat.

james trumbo

This ride was the highpoint of my two week vacation

Just from my experience I think when the reservations are made that it needs to be made plain that the ride is actually in the park and that's where you go rather than to Sombrero Stables. I'm not sure if it was a misunderstanding on my part or if it was Miss conveyed to me but either way clarification would be a plus for the stress level of the rider to get there on time so the ride can leave probably at 6. The staff was awesome and giving me directions to get there was a little confusion about there being more than one riding stable with in the park so I ended up going to Marino Stables first and then on to Glacier Stables but once I arrived there everyone was awesome to get me ready, sign the waiver get everything in the saddle bags and on the horse and on the go. On that note my apologies for not being there at 6 but I was at Sombrero Stables at 5 minutes after 5 so it was never my intent to be late. A big thanks to the staff for looking for my North Face jacket that I lost unfortunately it was not recovered but I do appreciate their efforts as well as them returning my gloves that were left. Staff at Glacier Stables was above and beyond accommodating helpful and kind and very much appreciated by this Rider.

We loved our ride. The scenery was magnificent. Amber was a great guide! Thank you for sharing the experience.

Overall a very good experience. Our ride was just 2 of us and Kaylin and Kaylin did a great job of checking in and turning around/speaking loudly enough so I could hear her. We were impressed with the boarding and dismounting platforms.