Weight Restrictions

Rider Weight Policy: We have no defined weight limit.

If you are over 250 lbs it is best that you ride at our Estes Park location as we have the equipment and horses to meet your needs here. If you want to ride at a different location, you should call that location and they can work out details for you.

The Estes Park Stable in particular has no defined weight limit. There is a difference between a 300 lb person who is 5 foot 2 and one who is 6 foot 5. Some folks are strong enough to handle their own weight while others struggle too much. It is very uncommon that we can’t accommodate someone.

We have added bigger, stronger horses, larger saddles, and loading and unloading equipment to accommodate you. Since there is an added cost for this service, at some point we will have to add a surcharge for needing a draft horse but as of now we have no such extra charge.

Estes Park Stable:

  • “Can I go?”
    If you are under 250 lbs we can take you most of our rides if:

    • You are able to lift your foot up 20 inches and pull your weight up to that foot, and step down from this height and hold your weight.
    • You are able to maintain your balance on top of a horse
    • You can fit between the horn and the cantle of a 20-inch inch saddle. That is 20 inches from the “front” of the seat to the “back” of the seat.
    • Our ability to take guests who are over 250 pounds on rides longer than an hour are subject to trail conditions and availability of appropriate horses to ensure the safety of our guests and horses.

      We have mounting blocks available that will get you within 20 inches of the stirrup. From there you have to pick up your left foot, put it in the stirrup and pull your right leg over the back of the saddle. We can give you a little push but you will have to perform most of this on your own.

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  • “How am I going to get off that thing?”
    • We have an unloading ramp that will get you within 20 inches of the bottom of the stirrup on your left leg. You will leave your left foot in that stirrup and swing your right leg over the back of the saddle and step onto the unloading dock.
  • “What if I am over 250 lbs?”
    To ensure the safety of you and the horse, you will be limited to the 1 hour trail ride.