Hi Country Stables -Horse Riding in Rocky Mountain National Park

Hi Country Stables

Hi Country Stables consist of two of our main riding locations: Moraine Park, and Glacier Creek


The unique character of both of these locations being the only trail riding outfit located, and operated, exclusively inside of Rocky Mountain National Park!

Horseback riding in Rocky Mountain National Park is a wonderful way to experience the beauties of nature in a fun and special way. Come and learn about the balance of nature in these unspoiled surroundings. Herds of moose and elk can be observed up close in their natural habitats. The forests, water bodies and mountains offer you many breath-taking vistas to view, giving you memorable experiences.

This experience can be for beginner riders all the way up to the well experienced riders, making this unique riding opportunity something the whole family can enjoy . Make your reservations online to ensure that your time is well spent during this very special vacation time. Including this riding tour will be something to cherish for a lifetime, especially if you get it on camera.

Our summer rides are especially popular and are extremely uplifting, helping you relax in a stress-free environment with the exposure to the beautiful nature all around you.Our facilities and equipment have been set up to meet any special needs you may have. All of our staff is helpful and maintains a desire to make your horseback riding in Rocky Mountain National Park the ultimate experience for you, and for your family.

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