Horse Drive – View Ride Schedule

Wednesday: The adventure begins when you arrive at our ranch at Craig in northwestern Colorado. Upon arrival you get a short orientation and settle into the ranch.

Thursday: You’ll hit the ground running on the second day with riding opportunities and a briefing on horse gathering procedures.

Friday: Third day you can enjoy a casual day on the ranch with a wildlife ride.

Saturday: The real excitement begins on day four as the horses have been rounded up and the drive leaves the corrals. You’ll be an active participant and experience the thrill as hundreds of hoofs pound the earth across the first half of our 60-mile adventure through beautiful Colorado countryside.

Sunday: Day five brings more excitement as you finish the second half of the drive. Ride through the town of Maybell, CO and wave to the spectators who’ve turned out to get a glimpse of the fun. Count mile markers down the homestretch as we take the herd down U.S. Highway 40 and into the ranch.