Learn To Build A Saddle

One opening available to work with one of the greatest saddle builders of all times.

Every dream of making your own custom quality saddle? Ever experience the joy of a custom saddle you built yourself? Now is your chance. The company that has been designing saddles like they are suppose to be made for over half a century, is now offering a class to one apprentice at a time.

The class will take you from tree selection all the way to the final tooling on the cantle. Our master saddle maker and professional cowboy artist will coach you all the way through the process. The saddle will be your saddle as you build it from scratch. Our saddle artist is here to coach you, not to build it for you. He has built 100’s of the famous sombrero saddles and is willing to pass on his knowledge.

Only the saddle master and one student can be in the shop at a time, as you learn this art that has all but been lost in the last 100 years. Each step and each piece is a work of art and pride and as you get proficient enough on a task the master will let let you build that piece for your saddle. If you got determination, pride in your work, and are willing to put in the hard work, email [email protected] for more information.