Map and Directions

Map and Directions to Snow Mountain Ranch

Why don’t you just give your address?

Type our mountain address into a GPS, Google Maps, etc, and you end up on the other side of the county, or sometimes south in Pueblo. We’re working with Google to resolve this.

So… How do we find you?

We recommend getting directions to Winter Park, Colorado, and then following our directions below. You CAN use Google Maps for the entire route if you enter “Sombrero Stables at Snow Mountain Ranch”. DO NOT enter just “Sombrero” or “Sombrero Granby” or anything else!

Directions from Winter Park, Colorado

  • Continue WEST on Highway 40 (the main road through everything around here)
  • Go through the towns of Fraser and Tabernash
  • About 4 miles past Tabernash turn LEFT onto County Road 53. There is a large blue and white sign that says “Snow Mountain Ranch.”
  • Continue PAST the Therapeutic Riding Center
  • At the 4-way stop, go straight, following signs to “Horse Stables”
  • At the fork in the road, turn RIGHT
  • We are the second set of buildings on your left. You will see, hear, and smell horses.

Call with Any Questions! (970)-887-1999(970)-887-1999