Just want to say thanks for a great trail ride!
My boyfriend and I had a two hour ride this past Saturday morning in Steamboat Springs. Chris was our guide. He was wonderful! He took us on a refreshing quiet ride up the mountain for some of the most awesome views we've ever seen! We were perfectly matched for our horses. Everyone there was so nice to us and the horses were really well taken care of. Thanks again so much for a great memory! We would highly recommend you to everyone!

Cindy, Arkansas -

I know this may not be the right place to email this information to, but I certainly hope it will get past on to the appropriate place.

My family and I just returned from vacation in Estes Park, Colorado, were we participated in a breakfast ride on Wednesday, August 4th at the Sombrero Stable in Estes Park.

I would like to take this opportunity to tell you how much we enjoyed our visit and ride, it was the high point of our vacation. Our guides, Lynn and Emily were wonderful, they were knowledgeable, fun and made our trip a success!!! The breakfast was also very tasty and the people serving it were wonderful! We will also miss the horses we rode, Sunshine, Seista, the black Mustang that my son rode and the paint my husband rode were great horses and we would definitely love to come back and visit them our next visit. (Of course my kids would love to have been able to bring them all home).

Again, We would like to express our gratitude to all those who made our day at Sombrero Stables, Estes Park, the awesome experience it was!!

Thank you, Emily and Lynn, you ladies are awesome!!


Larry, Becky, Angel, Shawn, and Jordyne Bigan-Leslie, Michigan -

Good Morning!
My husband and I just came back from a fantastic weekend with Mexico and Thumper! I wanted to make sure and send a big THANK YOU for the great horses! They were very well-tempered, got along and definitely contributed to a very relaxing, enjoyable experience. I have - however - re-named Thumper..... His new name is "Weed - Wacker". I tell you - in minutes he could chow down on 40 acres of grass and flowers and still want more!!! Ken Jett won't have to mow Ripple Creek for the rest of the Season!! Very Sweet Horse!!

We might see you again this Fall! If not, we will definitely be back next year!

Take Care and have a great rest of your Summer!

Kind Regards.

Pattie, Colorado -

Dear Sombrero

Well like all vacations to the Front Range, we rode with your company.we were very pleased with our rides.
Our first ride was a steak ride in Grand Lake. From the internet, I'm guessing my first contact with Sombrero was Deanne who greeted me with "hello, you must be the Sears".I guess we were the last group to check in, but it did make me smile. I was placed on Bam by Miss Compass. She asked me if I had ridden before and I advised my riding was done with Sombrero over the last 5 years and my favorite mount was Banana. She advised she had ridden Banana who was now at the Estes Park facility. I asked Miss Compass what the difference was in the riding skill on the form and she was kind enough to take the time to explain how Sombrero matched the horse to the rider. I also asked Miss Compass if it would turn cold, my wife can get chilled pretty eas! ily, she advised that it would not, but then said, you know, you never know . Did you bring a jacket? I advised I did so Miss Compass tied the long sleeve shirts on with the slicker that was on the saddle.
Our wrangler was Miss Jennifer the second rider was a young man, about 10 years old or so from Denver named Matt. Miss Jennifer would watch all of the riders but was very watchful of Matt, our youngest rider.

Sheldon, Wyoming -

Dear sirs,

My daughters and I just visited Estes Park last week. During our stay we took your breakfast ride and turned it into a 1/2 trip. I just wanted to let you know how very much we enjoyed everything from the breakfast to the great job by our guide Becky. We would take it again just to eat those delicious pancakes. Becky did a fantastic job and made the trip so enjoyable with her upbeat personality. One of my co -workers is planning on coming to Estes Park next year and I already recommended your stable. Thanks for making our vacation so much fun.


Dave, Colorado -