Dear Sombrero Rep,
I just came back from my trip to Colorado. I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed my little trail ride. I had not ridden a horse sense the small ponies my dad took me to ride when I was 5. Even with my size, I had great help in getting on the horse, riding and getting off. I was impressed with the staff and would like to do something similar on a regular basis. I don't know if Sombrero has an affliates in Texas near the Dallas area, but if there are, please let me know. I would like to do an hour's ride about 2 times a week if possible. When I get better, I can do more.

Also, I did not get a good picture of our guide the day we went out and the person I left in charge of my camera didn't either. All I know is he was thin, hispanic, and had a mustache. I would like a good picture of him if possible. He looks similar to a friend who is also an experienced rider. Also, please thank him for helping me with my feet when I lost my footing.

Thanks for a Wonderful time,

Terri, Texas -

Dear Sombrero Stables:
Today my girlfriend and I went for a one hour ride in Estes Park with your company. I just wanted to thank you all for such a wonderful time! Everyone was very friendly, patient, and very helpful. Before today, my girlfriend, Nancy, had never ridden a horse before. Her horse was being uncooperative and lagged behind on the ride. Thanks to our wrangler, Nick, who dismounted and traded horses with Michelle, her first experience was a great one. He should be commended for his helpfulness. Thank you again for making our trail ride a great time. We will definitely be back!

With warmest regards,

Travis, Colorado -

I just wanted to write and say thank you so much for a great day that created lasting memories! I was up there Tuesday 3/17/09 with my niece and my daughter. This was my daughter's first trail ride, she's 5. She got a little scared when her horse went off the trail, but thanks to Kansas, she got back on the trail and has talked non-stop about her ride this whole week! She told everyone she meets that she was saved by a real cowboy cause her horse went off the trail. She loved talking to Scott, who was so helpful by calling her a real cowgirl and promising her she'd have a great time when she came back again. Lastly, I want to say thank you to Cody for letting us hang out in his office while we waited for my niece to return from the 2 hour ride. You guys are great and I will cetainly be back!
Thank you!
Lisa G.
PS - I attached 2 pictures, one of my daughter Sierra and the other of her riding next to Kansas. Thanks for the great memories and for making Sierra's first ride a lasting memory!!

Lisa G, Colorado -