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Rocky Mountain National Park – 3rd Most Visited National Park in US.

Rocky Mountain National Park – 3rd Most Visited National Park in US.

China, Europe, Holland, Germany. Countries that many visitors to Estes Park call home. According to a recent CNN poll, Rocky Mountain National Park was rated 3rd in the most visited National Park in the United States with only the Great Smokey and Grand Canyon national parks above it. The RMNP was ranked above both Yellowstone and Yosemite for the 2016 tourist year.


With record breaking numbers, people from all over the world have visited the stables to get a unique view of the beautiful landscape many do not have in their own countries. As a wrangler from the east coast, I personally was unaware of the attraction to the park, especially from international citizens. As the summer progressed, I quickly realized the visitors were attracted to the low humidity crisp air, unique mountains, and wildlife that speckles the Pine and Aspen tree covered mountain side. I now have  the joy of seeing the bewildering looks on my customers faces when they see an elk grazing beside the trail or the surprised looks they have about the news of the black bears crawling the landscape! I have a greater appreciation for each day and getting to meet and learn from people all over the world and share my knowledge of horses and the park so they can remember their trip to western America as an experience they will never forget.


Alexandra Dodd

Virginia Tech ’16

Animal and Poultry Sciences