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2 Hour Ride

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1 Hour Ride

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30 Min ride


Riding for the Brand Since 1958

Sombrero Stables represents a multi-generational legacy of Western Heritage and Family Adventure


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What People Say...


Megean W.

We had a wonderful morning ride at Sombrero Stables. The wranglers were fun and very helpful with each horse's unique quirks to ensure everyone had a fun and relaxing ride...

Jessica M.

Another great adventure in Estes Park! Every single staff was very gracious and friendly. Our tour guide was fantastic.

Ray G.

Such a great experience, both for myself and our nine year old. Both of us are novices, and the hour long ride was perfect!

The Stars of the Show!



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 Legendary Colorado Mountain Horseback Riding in Estes Park, Colorado

Experience the beauty of Colorado mountain horse riding in Estes Park

Since 1958 Sombrero Stables has provided one of the best-guided horse riding experiences in the country. Discover why Forbes named us "One of the 5 Great Places to Ride Horses In America"

Horseback riding has been a Colorado staple since the settlers moved out west. Explorers would mount up their steeds and traverse the rugged Rocky Mountain terrain, exploring new territory.

Riding the trails with Sombrero Stables is far beyond a simple trail ride. It is a history lesson, a nature exhibit, a cowboy adventure, and an animal bonding opportunity. Whether riding solo or enjoying the trails with your family, no rider is left unamazed by the splendor of this vast country.


It’s been an honor to preserve the cowboy culture out west. We take great pride in our trails, our horses (The Stars), our staff, and most of all – our guests. We hope that riding these trails exposes you to the western culture that built the state of Colorado. We hope it gives you an appreciation for the preservation and exploration of our land. Plus, we hope you have tremendous amounts of fun with your friends and family along the way! Click here to book a ride at Sombrero Stables!

Every year Sombrero Stables enjoys hosting visitors for the finest scenic horseback riding in Colorado. They come from all across the country. Plus they regularly have visitors from the Denver, Boulder, and Ft. Collins areas. Sombrero Stables is just a beautiful, relaxing drive from any part of the northern front range.

We offer rides in three lengths: 30-Minutes, 1-Hour, and 2-Hours. Click here for pricing and available booking times.