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Living Stress Free: A Lesson from Nature

Updated: Aug 22, 2020

Stress, anxiety, business pressure, and worry are prevalent now more than ever in our fast-paced world. The uncertainties of the times we are living in can take their toll on a soul. Does this sound familiar?

Most folks I talk to respond with a worn-down, “Yes!”

What’s the cure? Nothing calms nerves and hushes anxiety quite like being fully present in the moment. But so many people don’t even know how accomplish this sort of peace.

I’ve found it on horseback, riding in Rocky Mountain National Park. There, you are submersed in nature. All you can do is focus on the present moment. The sound of hooves hitting dirt. The birds chattering to each other. Sunshine and wind tickling your skin. Horseback riding in Colorado will bring you down to earth again, reminding you what really matters as you spend an afternoon with your favorite people traversing the most beautiful country you’ve ever laid eyes on.

Our stresses in life typically come from trying to solve future problems that don’t yet exist and treating them as “life or death” realities in our own minds, which evokes a strong “fight or flight” response. This happens to most people multiple times a day!

The rhythm of the ride, the peace of the trials, and the towering beauty that awaits you are why so many have found their daily stresses to melt away each time they ride horses with Sombrero Stables. And I can’t blame them. You immediately stop problem solving the future issues that might pop up at work. You return to that simple, child-like joy and sense of adventure! You’re on horseback, riding the Estes Park trails!

This is how we used to live - no commute, no nine-to-five, and no big city hustle and bustle. We were meant to be closer to nature and closer to the wild surprises and adventures that the mountains hold. The horses, the Colorado mountains, and the trail guides are waiting to get you back to that adventure. What are you waiting for? Book a ride at Sombrero Stables today!

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