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Everyone gets to enjoy the great outdoors from the saddle on a Trail Ride with Sombrero Stables. Whether you’re young or old, an experienced rider or new to horses, you’ll find a Sombrero Stables ride to enjoy! Looking for a family day trip? Try one of our Trail Rides, available from several locations with flexible durations. Hungry? Eat like a cowboy on one of our Breakfast or Dinner Rides.

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Sombrero Stables puts everybody in the saddle!

Trail Rides

Trail Rides

Join the fun of riding horseback in the most spectacular country you can imagine. Horseback riding is the ideal way to view the beautiful Rocky Mountains of Colorado–enjoy peace and quiet as you meander along a vast system of trails in an unbeatable natural setting. Step back in time and savor the raw, unchanged splendor of the Rockies, just as it was when the first settlers arrived.

Breakfast Rides

Breakfast Rides |

Breakfast rides are available at Estes Park and Snow Mountain Ranch. Join us on a refreshing morning trail ride and enjoy the crisp, clean Colorado air. Keep your eyes open for deer, elk, coyote and other wildlife as you make your way to a delicious cowboy-style breakfast.

Dinner Rides

Dinner Rides |

Dinner Rides are offered at Estes Park and Snow Mountain Ranch. As you ride along the mountain trails, keep an eye out for elk, deer or coyote. Your ride will take you through the forest to a clearing with a roaring campfire. Sit back and absorb the natural beauty of the area as you enjoy a cup of campfire coffee while the steaks finish cooking to your order. Everything is cooked the way cowboys on roundup used to do it–even Dutch oven potatoes and baked beans.

Wagon Rides

Wagon Rides

Hop on board to experience transportation from the good ole’ days. Offering up fun in the form of an old fashioned hayride in the Rocky Mountains. Coaches also available, please call Snow Mountain Ranch for more information.

**Only available at Snow Mountain Ranch, there are no wagons at Estes Park or other stable locations!

Breakfast Wagon Ride |

The wagon to breakfast is $36 for kids, $42 for adults and leaves at 8am.

Dinner Wagon Ride |

The wagon to the Steak Fry is $42 for kids, $60 for adults and leaves at 5pm.

Sleigh Rides

Sleigh Rides

Seasonal availability. Please call Snow Mountain Ranch for more information.

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