Estes Park Stable (1992)

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HappyModernWranglersEstes has long been considered the gem of the Rockies and today serves as the eastern gateway to Rocky Mountain National Park. This charming mountain community is nestled between several mountains at an elevation of above 7500 ft. Stunning beauty and proximity to a wide range of outdoor activities draw visitors from around the world.

Join us at our Estes Park Stables location for miles of horseback riding on private trails across a 1000-acres of ranch land. This is the perfect way to explore this remarkable area as the pioneers did.Along the trail you’ll enjoy views of the surrounding mountains (some frosted with snow even in July), thickly forested slopes, pristine mountain streams, and Lake Estes down below. You may also see animals such as coyotes, elk, deer, and “Bob” the bobcat grazing on the ranch.

(Now a grazing bobcat really would be something to see! Brian Sattle of Bridge City, Texas gets a 10% promo code for spotting that blunder in the text.)

Estes Park Stable The Estes Park Stables location was the first Sombrero Stables location in the area. Its convenient location makes it easy to slip into the saddle and ride off into the wild country along scenic trails. Choose from 1 and 2 hour rides.
Horses are available that will satisfy any type of rider from beginner to expert.

We Offer (click for details and prices):

Careful attention is given to choosing the right horse for each rider. In Estes our management team will select the appropriate horse to match your riding skills so you can be confident as you set off down the trail. Guides are provided for all trail rides.

Though not required, reservations for trail rides are very much appreciated. Reservations are required for breakfast rides, steak fry rides, and special occasions. Please call during our “off season” in the colder months to get our current hours of operation.

We specialize in large family rides, business outings, and international group experiences. Plan to visit Estes Park with your friends or family to enjoy a special day in Colorado’s great outdoors. We’re located only 2 miles from downtown Estes Park on Highway 34 East/Big Thompson Avenue (see map).

Recently the officer team from Water For People visited our Estes Park Stable to experience the spirit of the west! Read about their incredible experience here!

We support – Guided drive through Estes Valley and Rocky Mountain National Park.

For information and reservations, we can be reached as follows:

Call the Estes Park Stable directly at: (970) 586-4577 (year round)

E-mail us at: [email protected]

Map and Directions

1895 Big Thompson Ave, Estes Park, CO 80517

Please view the ride schedule for details and pricing information!
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Makayla was fine overall. We took a two hour ride. Most of the ride was fine, however we heard the wrangler refer to Simon as “Evil Simon”! That was very concerning and he did end act up a few times during our ride. We were all wondering if he was so “evil” why was he working with people? Also the wrangler stated that my horse and chewy should not be side by side and we wondered, then why would they be lined up directly behind each other, Secondly, as we were about 5 minutes from the finish line a huge bird...either an owl or hawk darted out in front of the horses and all 6 horses were spooked! “ Evil Simon” tore out running with my cousin on his back and she fell off and now has a battered body and a concussion. My horse Joker spooked twice and I fell off. I have a broken coccyx. So, we also have hospital bills now. As I understand these things can happen, hence signing the waiver. I was surprised no ambulance was called bc there two people thrown off horses and the staff was unaware of extent of injuries. They did come quickly. So, bc of the way the ride ended I would say the overall experience was poor. We will never ride again.

Terence Stadjuhar

I have ridden at Sombrero stables for over 30 years,never had a dangerous or really difficult horse at any of the locations.Most times the horses are hard to beat for temperament and response,folks as wranglers or stable hands are courteous and pleasant.Hard to beat.

james trumbo

Our wrangler was very sweet and informative. She kept us entertained and was very down to earth. We did the 3 hour and got to see the entire property. It was absolutely gorgeous and I am so glad we did the 3 hour! The land on the 3 hour is definitely different than the 1 or 2. Pretty neat.

Brittany Piersee

It was a lot of fun! Our wrangler was great and we got to see lots of great views and know our horses well!


We planned a visit to sombrero stables for my 8 year old daughters birthday. She loved it! She even got a horseshoe! "Best birthday gift ever!"


BReakfast ride and the ride and breakfast were wonderful. Just long enough for an 83 and 77 year old. Loved the trail and Chris was a great guide. My husband hasn't ridden for several years due to a bad experience and back problems and had no trouble with this ride. Will recommend

Lois and Jack

We chose the dinner ride this time and couldn't have asked for a better experience. We would definitely choose Sombrero Stables again!

Very welcoming and enthusiastic staff, safety felt like a priority, and we felt very comfortable riding with the guidance of our Wrangler. The horses were super sweet and easy to ride, the trails were beautiful, we can't wait to come back!!!

It was a privilege to ride through virtually untouched Rocky Mountain terrain. Incredible views of the valley.

My daughter was scared but our leader really made her feel comfortable and soon after we started she was having a blast