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A Guide to Popular Horse Breeds

Just like dogs, cats and other domesticated animals, there are more to horses than just their color! There are over 350 established horse breeds throughout the world, many of which were bred for specific jobs or specific appearances (or both).

There are so many amazing horse breeds out there, and today we will be looking at some of the most popular ones that you are likely to encounter.

A Look at the Most Popular Horse Breeds

American Quarter Horse The American Quarter Horse was given its name due to its ability to outpace other breeds in races of a quarter-mile or less, and it continues to be the most popular breed in the United States. Most of the horses we have here at Sombrero Stables are Quarter Horses. They are a great all-around option for trail rides and barrel racing!

Thoroughbred Thoroughbreds are quite famous because of their racing roots—they are the most popular racing breed in North America, so any time you watch the Kentucky Derby or another horse race, a Thoroughbred is likely what you are looking at! Thoroughbreds are fast, but they are also well-suited to other equestrian sports such as jumping and cross country.

Appaloosa Appaloosas are a common breed for Western riders and are easily recognizable due to the spotted pattern that is on their hind flanks. The Appaloosa was developed for hunting by Native Americans and is believed to be a hybrid of wild horses, American Quarter Horses and Arabians.

Arabian Arabian horses have the oldest lineage in the world and they are also one of the most popular breeds. Every horse breed’s lineage can be traced back to the Arabian, and while they are a rather spirited breed, they are also extremely loving and loyal.

Ponies Though it is a common misconception, the term “pony” and “horse” are not interchangeable. Ponies refer to horses that are 14.2 hands or less (about 57 inches) when fully grown. Ponies are often used as horses for children due to their small stature.

Are you ready to see some popular horse breeds up close and personal? Come see us! We are booking rides now for the 2021 season!

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Quintan Barnes
Quintan Barnes
30 de set. de 2023

I found "A Guide to Popular Horse Breeds" incredibly informative and engaging. The detailed descriptions and stunning visuals provided a captivating overview of various horse breeds. It's a must-read for both horse enthusiasts and those new to the equestrian world. For more captivating reads like this, visit to explore their extensive collection of literature reviews.


Daniel Borowski
Daniel Borowski
30 de ago. de 2021

I also saw a super article about selected horse breeds here

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