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  • Sandy Stetson

Do You Dream Of A Mountain Getaway?

Updated: Aug 22, 2020

I am convinced that everyone dreams of a mountain getaway – at least during some point in life. Somewhere you can sit in the serenity of the whispering pines and hear the birds chirping over the sound of the river flowing.

Perhaps you want to see the aspens turn gold in autumn or watch the elk rut during the fall. Maybe you want to hike across historic terrain and see snow-capped mountain peaks in the middle of July. Whatever your mountain dreams may be, Estes Park has been fulfilling them for centuries.

Our little town has become the home to more than 6 million visitors each year, all seeking to accomplish the same goal… To experience their dream getaway in the mountains.

For many, horseback riding in Colorado is bucket list item. Whether seasoned in the saddle, or never been on horse, visitors have joined us at Sombrero Stables – from across the globe – to satisfy their equine dreams of riding horses in the Colorado mountains.

As Rocky Mountain National Park has grown in popularity, so too has the ability for visitors to see the mountain range from a whole new perspective. Horseback riding in Rocky Mountain National Park has offered guests a new way to see the trails and an exciting way to soak in the rural beauty.

It’s almost as if climbing in the saddle brings you back to the early west, when the settlers were exploring this mysterious land for the first time. Traversing the unknown terrain, the settlers relied on the sturdiness of their horse’s feet to help them travel far distances across the rocky mountain soil.

In many ways, it has been a pleasure to provide the service of horseback riding in Estes Park. We regularly get to meet amazing people, entertain them on the trails, and share with them an experience – nay a lifestyle – which we hold so dearly in our hearts.

If you’re one of the many seeking to live out your mountain dream, we would be delighted to add an extra level of spice to your adventure.

Come ride the trails with us at Sombrero Stables and see for yourself what it means to live the cowboy / cowgirl dream.

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