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The Health Benefits of Horseback Riding

Updated: Aug 22, 2020

It likely comes as no surprise that we think horseback riding is one of the best activities you can do, but did you know that it is associated with quite a few health benefits as well? Not only is horseback riding a great physical activity that utilizes your stabilizer muscles and keeps your body active and engaged, but it is also a great way to learn something new, strengthen bonds with friends and reduce your stress levels!

Some of the biggest physical and mental benefits that can come from horseback riding are:

Improves balance and stability. Horseback riding is all about keeping your balance and sitting up straight, especially over steep or uneven terrain. By engaging the muscles in your core and navigating the world on horseback, you are improving your balancing and stabilizing muscles with every hoof fall!

Gives you the chance to learn something new. Many of the people who come to experience a horseback ride with us are doing so for the first time, and we love introducing new people to the activity. Not only is learning a new skill great for your brain, but it is also an exciting way to boost your confidence and provide yourself with a sense of achievement.

Increases your bond with friends and family. Experiencing a horseback ride with a group of your friends or family is a great way to share a bonding experience you are all sure to love. You will be surrounded by the beautiful Colorado scenery and be experiencing a new life event together, which is a great way to foster a connection with those you love.

Boosts your happiness and lowers stress. In a recent survey by the British Horse Society, 80% of respondents reported feeling more cheerful, happy and relaxed after completing a horseback ride. When you are surrounded by gorgeous scenery, learning a new skill, and enjoying yourself on horseback, it makes sense that the stressors of life would be forgotten and be replaced by feelings of joy!

Are you ready to go on your first horseback ride? We hope you will choose Sombrero Stables! Book online with us today to make it a reality!

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