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What to Know Before You Take Your First Horseback Ride | Sombrero Stables

So you have booked your horseback riding adventure through the Colorado Mountains—congratulations! You are probably filled with excitement, but we also find that many of our first-time riders are a bit apprehensive about the whole process.

While horses may seem intimidating, our seasoned equines are extremely sweet and will love to take you on a Rocky Mountain horseback riding tour! That being said, here are a few things to know before your first ride:

Wear Proper Horseback Riding Attire

We certainly do not expect our customers to have traditional Western Pleasure attire at the ready, but we do require that you wear long pants and closed-toed shoes for safety!

Be Prepared to Do a “Horseman’s Handshake”

You and your horse are about to embark on an amazing, scenic adventure together, so it’s good to start off on the right hoof before you set out. We encourage you to first greet your horse with the horseman’s handshake—extend your arm with the back of your hand toward the horse and wait for a sniff hello.

Pick Up the Reins, Put Down Your Nerves

Like any animal, horses are very intuitive creatures—and while our horses are extremely friendly and calm, if you get too nervous, they will definitely be able to feel it, too. Remember to put down your nerves when you pick up the reins so you and your horse can feel comfortable and have a relaxing ride through the Rockies.

Sit Up Straight in the Saddle

While many people have seen the hunched jockeys of horse racing fame, that is an entirely different style of riding than what most people embark on. Sitting up straight in your saddle, with your heels down and your core engaged, is the best practice for general riding. Keep your hands light and low on the reins to avoid jerking or hurting your horse from the bit.

Keep Your Eyes Through Your Horse’s Ears

Horses are absolutely beautiful, but so are the Rocky Mountains surrounding you! Keep your eyes focused straight ahead on where you are going to stay alert and keep track of the trail in front of you.

Are you ready to book your own horseback riding adventure in Estes? Contact us today for more information.

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hound attached
Apr 15

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